About Cambridge Accident Repair Centre

A Trusted Brand since 1969 and is still a family owned business Cambridge Garage has been trading for over 40 years....

Cambridge Accident Repair Centre is a leading accident repair centre based in Fareham. Our number main aim is to office our customers and business partners the highest quality repair and most efficient repair process. Our experienced customer consultants are here to help, to guide you through any repair process offering you free and honest advice that is best for you and your vehicle repair.

Cambridge Accident Repair Centre is part of the Cambridge Garage group.

Cambridge Garage has been trading since 1969 and is still a family owned business.

Our accident repair centre was an addition in 2006. In September 2015 the accident repair centre relocated to is new premises in Wallington Industrial Estate, Fareham. The repair centre is fully equipped with all the latest technology and management tracking systems.

As a multi manufacture approved, forward thinking repair centre that is dedicated to the future of our industry, customer focus and service retention is a huge part of our business model. With latest technology and continually reviewing processes and procedures we have the solution and confidence that we can offer the service our customers and business partners desire.

Evidence of this can be seen in the longevity of our staff turnover. Working alongside vehicle manufacture and BSI, we ensure all vehicle that are repaired by our technicians are supported by the

Correct supporting repair method. As a British Standard PAS: 10:125 approved repairer a strict quality control process is followed during the course of each and every part of a repair. We are committed to invest not only in the latest technology but to continually train our staff alongside our vehicle manufactures and BSI to ensure our repairs are safe to a high quality.



Commitment to our customers as well as regimented quality and safety set us apart from our competitors

Why choose Cambridge Accident Repair Centre?

There are many reasons why to choose Cambridge Accident Repair Centre:

We are a repairer that is committed to our customer needs for quality and safety

Adhering to the latest in health and safety we always go that extra mile before putting a repaired or serviced car back on the road.

Customer dedication that has a proven record of outstanding customer service.

Experience and quality in our efforts at Cambridge Accident Repair Centre has been shown by way of awards.  Boasting a win at the British Bodyshop awards Cambridge ARC Fareham won ‘Customer Service Centre’ in 2013, 2014 and finalists in 2015.


A repair that has advanced engineering and estimating expertise

Front of house team customer consultants that here to help guide you through the repair journey

Quality and guaranteed repair using only quality and approved brand “A materials"

At Cambridge Accident Repair Centre our team is here to help and advice all our customers from accident damage, making an insurance claim or having a cosmetic repair carried out. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the best repair method is carried out to suit our customer individual needs, our goal is to repair your vehicle and to return it to its original condition before sustaining accident damage. We will guide you through the repair process and return your vehicle as quickly and safely to you with the least amount of inconvenience. We only have your best interest in mind, so why settle for anything less?

Commitment to our customers as well as regimented quality and safety set us apart from our competitors

Our Mission

As a repairer that is committed to the future of our staff and vehicle safety. Our number one aim is to a build a brand that our customers and business partner can rely upon and trust. Your feedback and the relationship we build with our clients is the key to our success.  If we fail to produce the standards that we set or your expectations of our service, we need to hear from you.

Future and commitment

The future is dependent on brain power and only by motivating the next generation can we achieve this.

Our objective has been to create an outstanding accident repair facility. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the box is, if we don’t learn how to think outside of it. It must be a functional, inspirational and motivational centre.

If, here at Cambridge ARC if we can contribute just a fraction to this objective by creating an environment and brand which inspires people to do the best they can, then we will be satisfied we have done our part.


Our customers, our staff and our business partners the single most import part of our business.

"Our facility is a major functional tool to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry while helping to strengthen and develop our brand”

Know your rights

Having an accident can be a confusing and stressful experience, this is why you need to be fully aware of your rights before you make a claim.

It is your legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. Most insurers will have their own network of repairers. They do this so they can control the costs of how your vehicle is repaired.

In some instances insurers and claims handlers will use scare tactics to try and drive you into their own network of repairs. These circumstances and tactics are far from fair and simply not true.

The right to choose who repairs your vehicle is confirmed by a directive from the office of fair trading stating that your insurance company must treat you fairly and allow you to exercise this right.

Insist upon what is best for you, a manufacture approved repairer and a repair you can trust, one that will supply a quality assured certificate.

  • We don’t compromise on the quality and the safety of repairs
  • Important fact that may help never making a claim
  • Your vehicle warranty, residual value and safety could be compromised if it is not repaired at a manufacture approved repairer.
  • It is a common misconception that the courtesy car are paid for by the insurance company. They are in fact supplied by and at the cost of the repair centre.
  • We offer all our customers the use of a free loan car or loan van.
  • All repairs to your vehicle will be and must be authorised by your insurance company regardless of where is repaired.
  • Like for like vehicle replacement following a non-fault accident

“Great facilities attract great people and this is the foundation Cambridge Accident Repair Centre is built on."