Volvo Accident and Repair

Why Choose Volvo Authorised Repairers?

Naturally we recommend that all Volvo’s are repaired using Volvo Approved Bodyshops where our repair methods are unique to Volvo and only 100% genuine Volvo parts are guaranteed to be fitted during the repair process.

Our Volvo Technicians are trained and equipped to be able to repair your car to Volvo’s high safety and quality standards. When turning to our approved Volvo Bodyshop, you can be certain that your car will be repaired by a trained technician at a Bodyshop that complies too Volvo’s high body repair competence standards, ensuring that the highest safety, quality and environmental demands are met.



“The basic principle of all engineering is and must be safety.”

This statement from the Volvo Group’s founders has served as a guiding star for the development of new products ever since the company started operating back in the 1920s, and it has made Volvo synonymous with safety the world over. Many unique safety solutions have seen the light of day in the intervening years.

Volvo’s Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) consists of a good head restraint
(a robust, high restraint that sits close to the head) along with a well thought-out seat backrest that provides uniform support. This is combined with an energy-absorption system built into the articulated joint between the backrest and seat cushion. In a rear impact, the backrest moves rearward with the seat’s occupant, first in a parallel movement before tipping backward slightly. The impact on the occupant’s back is further reduced via the deformation elements fitted in the link between the backrest and seat cushion.


WHIPS was introduced in the Volvo S80 in 1998. As of autumn 1999 (model year 2000) all Volvo models have been fitted as standard with WHIPS in both front seats.

WHIPS - Whiplash Protection System

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