Stage One: Vehicle Estimate

The first stage before completing any repair is to estimate the vehicle. This is where trained and qualified individuals assess the damage on the vehicle. Detailed images are taken and uploaded on to an industry  approved estimating system. Insurance companies require a range of images before authorising a repair. These include: Diagonal Shots of the vehicle, Chassis Number, Mileage and wide/close shots of the damage. Once authorised, the repair process can begin.

Stage Two: Strip

After completing the estimating stage, the repair process can begin. The vehicle is first stripped down and any damaged parts that cannot be repaired are removed. The vehicle is now passed to the repair shop.

With advance technology and modern vehicle repair practices the repair process consists of many different form and stages of repair.

Using miracle pull systems, quick pull systems and vehicle jigs, vehicle repair are now repaired to higher standard than in the past. Some manufactured plastic components are now far more repairable with advance plastic welding procedures. Once’s the repair have been completed the vehicle moves on to the paint shop.




Stage Three: Repair Process

All vehicle are painted within a controlled low bake modern spray booths with advanced quad air drying systems.

Ever possible precaution is taking into consideration when vehicle are sprayed for our staff wellbeing and protection to the environment when using potentially hazardous products.

Paint mixed on site to the specific paint code listed to each individual vehicle. Here at Cambridge ARC we only using grade “A” manufactures waterborne paints scheme such Cromax, Spies Hecker and Glassurit.

Once the vehicle and paint has been baked, the vehicle now on to the final stages

Stage Four: Paint Process

Stage Five: Refit and Quality Control

The vehicle is now at the final stages or the repair process. The vehicle back to where the process first started at the refit (M.E.T) department.  The vehicle is now put back together using and following the manufacture guidelines and repair methods. On completion of the vehicle refit the vehicle is cleaned and the Quality Control checks are under taken and the vehicle is approved to be returned to the owner.